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The first museum in North America where you can get up close to living insects as they move around in total freedom offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in their habitat. Come and admire these tiny fascinating creatures, including many species of butterflies flying free!

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  • You’ll enjoy an immersive, educational experience that will totally transform your relationship with insects. A visit that will awaken your senses and emotions and fill you with wonder and curiosity.
  • The Great Vivarium: Looking like a glass palace, it offers an extraordinary immersive experience. Among the hundreds of species you can see, including butterflies flying freely in a festival of moving colours, some have never been shown before. This large greenhouse helps you to reconnect with nature in a place where plants and insects—as well as humans dropping in for a visit—meet as equals and live in harmony.
  • The Dome : A magical place with a nine-metre high cathedral ceiling that houses some 3,000 naturalized specimens in a setting designed to bring out their magnificence. Come and discover the extraordinary beauty and diversity of insects, which is the result of their adaptability over time.
  • The Alcoves : See the world as if you were an insect yourself! Based on scientific facts, these perceptual experiences will thrill the little ones and allow the older ones to reconnect with their inner child.