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Marine Environment Discovery Centre - Saguenay - National Marine Conservation Area

Seasonal opening


There are some fascinating plants and animals living in the cold, rich waters of the St. Lawrence Estuary. Would you like to see them? Come to the Marine Environment Discovery Centre! 

Museum experiences

  • The Centre’s most popular activity is Live from beneath St. Lawrence. And with good reason! Seated comfortably in front of a huge screen, you can watch divers and a cameraman-naturalist track down and film the marvels beneath the waves – just for you! You can even talk to them underwater!
  • Take a seat in the outdoor amphitheatre. Nature interpreters will tell you about scuba diving, surprises in the marine environment, research into fish populations and … wait! Is that a whale out there? Take a look through the binoculars provided and see for yourself.
  • The Centre’s interactive and highly accessible exhibition also introduces visitors to the St. Lawrence, in particular with the help of a 5-metre long model. You can also learn about local plants and wildlife and listen to first-hand accounts of how people’s relationships with the River have changed over the years.
  • Did you know that Les Escoumins is renowned worldwide as a cold saltwater diving experience? There are three easy-access sites and plenty of services (equipment rental, tank filling, etc.).