Société des musées du Québec

Mhist-Musée d’histoire de Sherbrooke


Since 1992 the Sherbrooke Historical Society is situated in a Second-Empire-styled building on the former Commercial Street, now Dufferin Street. The place has previously housed the Post Office and Custom offices as well as the municipal library. Despite some modifications made to the building over the years, it is still possible to appreciate all of its original architectural details. 

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Museum experiences

  • Be charmed by our different temporary exhibitions.  Explore a wide array of themes always in touch with the past and present realities of Sherbrooke.  Interactive and dynamic, theses exhibitions offer a new perspective on history’s main events. 
  • Through the virtual exhibition Tous à vos machines! dive deep in the industrialisation of Sherbrooke and learn all about its working-class. Over 200 photographs, testimonials and more!