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Centre d'art Jacques-et-Michel-Auger

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Accessibility rating : Partial access. Services for people with Hearing impairments.

En famille

En famille


The Centre d’art Jacques-et-Michel-Auger is an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary visual arts. Located in the heart of the city, it is part of Le Carré 150, Victoriaville’s cultural facility, a remarkable architectural complex inaugurated in 2015. In addition to its calendar of exhibitions by established and emerging contemporary artists, there is a program of educational and mediation activities for audiences of all ages. Admission is free year-round!

Museum experiences

  • Visit a contemporary visual art exhibition at the Centre d’art Jacques-et-Michel-Auger and discover the luminous architecture of Le Carré 150 as well as the public artwork "Mille vues, mille regards" [A Thousand Outlooks, A Thousand Points of View] by Claudie Gagnon. Take a guided tour of the exhibition and the Carré 150 in the summer season. 
  • Participate as a family in a creative workshop inspired by the current exhibition!
  • Download the free educational guide online to prepare your visit or to engage in a creative activity back home.