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En famille


Come experience the history of Kénogami, formerly the Queen City of Paper. A journey on which you will discover the beginnings and the development of the company town founded by Sir William Price. The Sir-William-Price Heritage Center promotes the historical, architectural and industrial heritage of  Jonquière borough (City of Saguenay). 

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  • Works on paper: Portraits of Price Brothers workers (1930-1960). The exhibition is meant to be a sensitive portrayal, reflecting positively on the fundamental values of the company. The pastel portraits by artists Kathleen Shackleton and Francesco Iacurto tell the story of thousands of employees who were the artisans of the pulp and paper empire.
  • From Faith to History. Explore the Park Ball and the St. James the Apostle chapel, a jewel of architectural heritage, and discover the identity and the life of a dynamic community.
  • Industrial artefact from another time, the grinder wheel installed downtown reminds us of the time when the Kénogami paper mill produced pulp used in the paper production.