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Centre des arts contemporains du Québec à Sorel-Tracy

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Located on Quai Richelieu, bordering the eponym river and the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, the Centre invites you to come discover its exhibition room, cultural bistro and open skies art gallery. On a daily basis, this enchanting and convivial site reunites tens of committed artists who work for the benefit of all. Regardless of the weather, you will find a satisfying activity to enjoy at the Centre des arts contemporains du Québec!

Museum experiences

  • Prepare to be delighted by our permanent and temporary exhibitions and artistic performances. Come explore tons of experiences!
  • Roam around our exhibition sites or our cultural bistro and explore a world of creativity and artistic expression! Meet talented local and international artists whose fascinating experiences and instructive stories will undoubtedly charm you.
  • Immerse yourself into our location's high historical heritage and discover a building considered to be one of the last historical witnesses of the importance of marine transportation and shipbuilding in Sorel-Tracy's development. The building indeed hosted one of the 30 consular agencies opened by the United States in Quebec in the early 19th century, and therefore remains a historical reference to the relationship between Canada and the United States at the end of the 19th century.