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Électrium, Hydro-Québec's Electricity Interpretation Centre

Seasonal opening

Kéroul accessibility rating

Accessibility rating : Full access. Services for people with Hearing impairments.

En famille

En famille


The Électrium: a naturally electrifying experience! Would you like to understand how electricity works in the world around you? Discover the secrets of the electric eel, the role of electricity in the human body and the origin of natural phenomena like lightning and the Northern lights.
Try your hand at science with friends and family! The Électrium provides interactive and entertaining ways to explore electricity. With a guide by your side, you can test your reflexes, try out electrical circuits and learn about electrical and magnetic fields. Who will take the plunge and try the Van de Graaff generator?
Powering the future! Compare the various sources of energy used worldwide and make enlightened choices to use electricity wisely. 
The Électrium: for an energizing outing!

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