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Located on the dock in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts in the Gaspe Peninsula, Exploramer is an activity centre showcasing the marine environment of the St. Lawrence River. Explore this exceptional ecosystem through an aquarium park, a museum, sea excursions, a fish harvesting activity, a Dare to taste activity and the Smarter Seafood certification.

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Museum experiences

  • Admire the exhibition A Garden Under the Sea, showcasing a living collection of fish and organisms living in the St. Lawrence Gulf. While you are there, discover our two temporary exhibitions.
  • Set sail aboard the JV Exploramer and become a fisherman or an oceanographer for an hour and a half. Back to the dock, you will have a different perspective on the St. Lawrence River.
  • Put on a pair of waders and follow the guide as you wade out from the beach to the fyke net. At low tide, discover what’s hiding beneath the surface and learn about the plants and the animals that live there. Take part in a fascinating activity that will allow you to explore the shoreline and learn about the various species caught in the fishing nets.