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Maison Félix-Leclerc

En famille

En famille


Built at the end of the 19th century, the large house with blue shutters inhabited by Félix-Leclerc (1956-1967) welcomes artists in residence and offers a free cultural program throughout the year.

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  • Did you know that it has inspired the greatest works of the artist who it's named after?
  • Whether it is to discover the exhibitions, visit the place, take advantage of a varied cultural program (creation workshops, storytelling, theater, meeting with artistes, improvisation ...) or simply linger at the window to observe the majestic body of water reflected there, you will have a great time!
  • Maison Félix-Leclerc is also a place to have a coffee, read, have fun with board games, strum your guitar or chat with friends. Enjoy the garden in good weather and admire the magnificent view! A highly inspiring creative place.