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Merry House. Magog’s Citizen Site of Memory

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Welcome to the Merry's! The oldest house in urban Magog offers its history and that of the region, from the time of the Aboriginals and American settlers, up to today. Located by the Magog River, the Merry House is strategically positioned in the city centre. Various exhibitions, activities and events are offered to visitors of all ages to explore and interact with history. The Merry House presents the social, economic and cultural context of Magog through its built heritage and the Merry family. 

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  • Built in 1821 by Ralph Merry III, the house is a remarkable example of 19th century American vernacular architecture. Considered today to be the founders of Magog, no less than six generations of the Merry family have lived there!
  • The permanent exhibition combines technology with heritage to make you discover the history of the Eastern Townships and the life of the first settlers, from the Prehistory to the 1920s.
  • Put on your explorer hat and discover the Merry House's site through a new lens. Thanks to a free mobile app, unlock even more extra content, photos, and stories testifying to the strategic importance of this patrimonial location.