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MNS2 - Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke

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Accessibility rating : Full access. Services for people with Hearing impairments.

En famille

En famille


Located in the heart of Sherbrooke's historic downtown core, the museum offers three to four exhibitions to which are added workshops. Also, an interactive multisensory show which transports the visitors in the heart of Eastern Townships, as it was million years ago.

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Museum experiences

  • TERRA MUTANTÈS : Witness the birth of the Appalachian Mountains and cross the lava fields. Feel the continents shift and the glaciers retreat as the earth trembles and the temperature soars, then plunges… You’ll never see the Eastern Townships quite the same way again!
  • ALTER ANIMA :  Prepare yourself for a visit down seldom travelled trails, losing your sense of direction, discovering a different type of social organization. In a mythical forest, grouped in unexpected but scientific ways, hundreds of animals will observe visitors…