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Dynamic, involving and exciting exhibitions show you how science and technology are shaping our lives. In stimulating surroundings, experiment the countless applications of scientific and technical progress. Venture into the future and discover the impact of environmental issues through a hands-on approach, using interactive devices.

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  • Enter into an imaginative workshop space where experimentation and inventiveness are your most important tools. Take on creative challenges involving the assembly of a variety of random pieces. Envision a solution and build your invention from different odds and ends… The sky is the limit! Come put your mind and hands to work and experiment while having fun at Fabrik.
  • For children under 7 - Inside Mini Mondo, there are objects to handle, smells to take in, and just about everything to see… All that, plus so much fun! Between the town, the forest, and the river too, lies a wonderful little world just spilling with things to discover!
  • Nature is such an inspiration! two new exhibitions to explore! September 27, 2023 to march 23, 2024The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Exhibition. For the very first time in Canada! Discover this international photo competition designed to enhance our understanding and our commitment to living sustainably, preserving biodiversity, and supporting wildlife conservation efforts. Come share a laugh with some delightfully silly animals. Caught on camera in somewhat unusual situations, this merry gang of characters is sure to stir smiles and giggles. A perfect way to learn and get to know them! An exhibition created by the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards in partnership with Terra Esplêndida and the Montreal Science Centre.
  • Inspiring Nature, Inspired Techno – Biomimicry and Transport. Nature is pure genius. Magnificent in so many ways, nature has also inspired many technological innovations. Come learn how plants and animals have helped us design greener and more efficient transportation technologies.The exhibition is a production of the Musée de l’ingéniosité J. Armand Bombardier in collaboration with the Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke, the Granby Zoo and the Institut de biomimétisme. This project was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Museum Assistance Program from Heritage Canada.