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Moulin des Jésuites de Charlesbourg

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En famille

En famille


The Jesuits’ mill in the heart of Charlesbourg is a survivor from another era, 275 years ago. You’ll be charmed by the warm welcome, family-oriented activities, and the beautiful gardens with some 800 grasses. The stone in the old flour mill stopped turning in 1940, but was restored in 1992. The magnificent building still bears the imprint of times past, with its fireplace, stone walls and imposing French-style architecture.

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Museum experiences

  • Step across the threshold and go back in history. Take our guided tour to learn how people lived in the 18th century. Take our challenge and figure out how the gears in the old mill worked.
  • Follow the guide around this unique site, exploring the historic district of the Trait-Carré on foot, by bike or with a GPS in hand.