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Musée de la Biodiversité du Québec

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En famille


A unique science museum in Bécancour! Discover the secrets of biodiversity from a fresh new angle with an expert by your side. Enjoy touring the indoor and outdoor (in season) facilities plus 4 km of forest trails, accessible year-round, a picnic area and an orchard.

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Museum experiences

  • Let yourself be tempted by an experience in the heart of biodiversity. Dive under the waters of the river in the multimedia exhibition Voyage au fond du Saint-Laurent, where you can rediscover the phenomenon of the tides, the geography of the river and the importance of aquatic species.
  • Explore the Explo-Découverte circuit which will make you discover two themes such as prehistory in the time of cavemen, mammoths and dinosaurs and finally, discover the wildlife of Quebec. Depending on the season, you can be sensitized and closely observed raccoons, foxes, birds of prey, turtle, frog and fish.
  • An interactive outdoor circuit, Echoes of Origins leads you through the forest at night, in a discovery of the effects of the Champlain Sea heritage on biodiversity in the Saint Lawrence Valley. Equipped with a branch, interact with the multimedia installations hidden along the trails, and sharpen your consciousness of current environmental issues, all the while having fun!