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Set in Old Quebec, Musée de la civilisation is a leading cultural experience for every family and a top tourist attraction for visitors on vacation. At anytime, 10 original and bold exhibitions take a fresh and often unexpected look at the human experience !

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  • This is Our Story. Firts Nations and Inuit in the 21st century. Learn about First Nations and Inuit people of Québec in a exhibition that weaves together the past and present. Four hundred and fifty signifiant objects provide a window into their history and traditions, while a series of stories portrays their current reality and the issues they face.
  • My Place. Discover an amazing house where the ordinary becomes extraordinary! From the kitchen to the living room and from the attic to the garden, every nook and cranny of this house was specially designed for the little hands of children. Guided by the sweet little birds—Napoleon Dodo, Nestor Hibou, Colette Poule and Captain Goéland—who live there, discover each room where secret passages, a photo booth, oversized furniture, objects from the collection and true works of art can be found!
  • Wrestling: Québec in the ring. Sport, theatre, circus or entertainment? Wrestling can be all of these at once! Dive into this mesmerizing world and discover the defining eras of wrestling, its many characters and its evolution in Québec. You do not have to be a wrestling enthusiast to appreciate this extensive and fascinating exhibition. This exhibition is conceived and designed in collaboration with the creation company Ex Machina and its artistic director Robert Lepage.