Société des musées du Québec

Musée de la mémoire vivante


Located in the heart of an exceptional park where nature, culture and heritage are combined, the museum is a reconstitution of the Aubert de Gaspé manor. An innovative museum featuring exhibitions focused on remembering, discovering and participating. Delve into the collection of testimonials carefully preserved for your enjoyment and that of future generations. The exhibitions evolve with the addition of your memories revived by the themes and the collection of testimonials. 

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Museum experiences

  • Explore exhibits made from testimonies in refine presentations  where only a few objects support the themes. Accessible to visitors of all ages!
  • Follow in the footsteps of the Anciens Canadiens, from discovery to discovery, from the forest to the river. You’ll marvel at the Jardin de pluie (rain garden) and the Jardin des souvenirs (memory garden), with their red shale pathways.
  • Search through the Museum's collection, counting thousands of testimonials.