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En famille

En famille


Half way between Péribonka and Sainte-Monique-de-Honfleur, north of Lac-Saint-Jean, the museum was founded in 1938 in memory of the french author Louis-Hémon and his famous novel Maria Chapdelaine. Visit the place of stay of the author in 1912. In a countryside ambiance, the Louis-Hémon Museum proposes tons of activities for the whole family and exhibitions in relation with the history and heritage of the Maria Chapdelaine's country.

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Shed light on the big mysteries regarding Louis Hémon and his famous novel with the exhibition Maria Chapdelaine, truths and lies.

Visit Samuel-Bédard house where Louis Hémon stayed during his journey in Péribonka in 1912 and was inspired for the writing of Maria Chapdelaine and have fun in the Children Zone which offers a playful visit of the museum!