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En famille

En famille


Right in the heart of Kingsey Falls, step through the gates of a botanical garden, and into a fascinating world of horticulture. Nature springs to life in a series of stunning large-scale topiary sculptures, multiple gardens and a tropical rainforest greenhouse. In addition to taking a guided tour of the exhibits, why not have a picnic next to the waterfall, or try our heritage flowers and vegetables? Take this opportunity to learn about the unexpected properties of the plantain and dandelion, two plants that most people would consider “weeds”.

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Museum experiences

  • Do you know what Conrad Kirouac, Brother Marie-Victorin and the city of Kingsey Falls have in common?
  • Follow the Giant’s trail and the Fountain of time in the centre of the garden to retrace major events in the life of Conrad Kirouac, better known as Brother Marie-Victorin, a native of Kingsey Falls. The topiary sculptures—huge three-dimensional horticultural structures—were inspired by his many travels.
  • The whole garden itself is a tribute to this world-renowned botanist!