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Parc national Tursujuq Discovery Centre in Umiujaq

Opening from July, 2024

En famille

En famille


Tungnasugitsi Umiujarmut! - Welcome to Umiujaq!

Come and learn about the history of the territory now known as Tursujuq National Park, and meet its inhabitants and those who were there long before.

Museum experiences

  • The exhibition Land of Transitions will explain how Inuit and Cree use this territory for subsistence, education and cultural practices. Come and try out the qamutik (sled), the most technologically advanced in Quebec, with its built-in TV, and consult the educational content on the Ipads, comfortably seated on the pebbled poufs. Visiting time - 45 minutes
  • With a surface area of 26,107 km2, Parc national Tursujuq is the largest in Québec. It is located on the eastern shore of Hudson Bay, not far from the Inuit community of Umiujaq.  A veritable crossroads of cultures, it features remains of human occupation dating back over 3,000 years, as well as ancient trading posts once used by the Inuit and Cree.
  • This immense territory is bordered by the Hudson cuestas, dominated by Lac Tasiujaq and Lac Wiyâshâkimî, the second-largest natural lake in Québec. The tidal brackish waters of Lac Tasiujaq are a haven for seals and beluga whales. North of the double meteorite crater of Lac Wiyâshâkimî and east of the Rivière Nastapoka are the subspecies of Lac des Loups-Marins.