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Pointe-du-Buisson, Musée québécois d'archéologie

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En famille


Pointe-du-Buisson, the Quebec museum of archaeology, recounts the 5,00-year history of the site.  A pioneer in public archaeology, Pointe-du-Buisson is a beacon for research, teaching and outreach. The results of more than half a century of digs shed light on the history of the many different Indigenous and European groups who broke their journeys here.

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Museum experiences

  • Time-travel through five millennia of history as you learn about archaeological material culture on a personalized guided tour. Explore the exhibits in our two buildings and the 21-hectare forest and  stroll by the St. Lawrence River as you soak up the history of this crossing point.
  • The exhibit Voices from the past : her story of the land offers a new look at the history of the museum, where the voice of archaeological research meets Original Peoples traditions.
  • Put on your archaeologist’s hat and join in a real dig. The site is full of important artefacts just waiting to be unearthed.