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En famille

En famille


Be amazed by the site of the first school for girls in New France! Discover the heritage of Marie of the Incarnation in moving exhibitions. You will understand why the Ursulines made education in Canada what it is today. Educators, artists and artisans, but also cooks, the Ursulines kept more than 30,000 objects since their arrival in Quebec, four centuries ago. 

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A bilingual, multiconfessional and scientific girls school … during the 19th Century? Indeed! The Ursulines changed education in Canada. To honour the Ursulines' hard work, we created the exhibition The Young Ladies' Academy. Discoverhow it was to be a boarder in the school, in the 19th Century. Day to day artifacts, classroom tools and material, pictures from the Archives: everything is set up to make you live a moving moment.

Gold, silver, wool and silk thread make up embroideries with complex designs also known as neddle painting. Inspired by the fashion of the time, the embroided works of the Ursulines are of unparalleled beauty even today.