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The Planétarium uses cutting-edge technology to create a unique experience of the universe through its immersive theatres, where shows both poetic and scientific are presented. Its exhibitions enrich this cosmic journey. Bonus : the building incorporates the strictest sustainable development criteria!

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Museum experiences

  • The Planétarium is showcasing the careers of 7 extraordinary women who have remained unknown for too long, and deserve to be known by the general public. Their giant portraits, created by multidisciplinary artist MissMe, are exhibited inside and outside the Planétarium. A series of podcasts accompanies nobELLES, this avant-garde and innovative exhibition.
  • Starmap to the Unseen Universe takes you past the limits of our Solar System and our galaxy, to the very heart of nebulae and star clusters, as if you were there, using spectacular visualizations based on the latest scientific models.
  • Quest for New Skies is an interactive, immersive show.  In 3034, and a group of which you are a part is exploring different planets to choose the best one for humanity. You’ll need to vote to choose which planets to visit after reviewing their characteristics. Your choices, and those of others, will influence the end of the journey.