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Rosalie Cadron House

En famille

En famille


Located on the Chemin du Roi, Maison Rosalie-Cadron is inviting you to a well-worth break from our present time. Did you know that the museum is in fact the home where Rosalie Cadron-Jetté was born? She founded the Misericordia Sisters in Montreal in 1848. She is on her way to become a saint.

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Museum experiences

  • Discover how our ancesters were living at the begining of the 19th Century! Follow the guide through the, Rosalie, mère de famille à Mère de la Nativité, so you can discover the daily family life of this time and  to witness the rising of the Misericordia Sisters, order founded by Rosalie Cadron-Jetté. 
  • Let yourself be guided through two different exbitions every summer. One is an open place for an artist from Lanaudière, ans the other is exploring a historic theme. Don’t forget to take a look on our boutique. You will find a local product that will please you, or a loved one for sure!
  • All along summer time, workshops, activities and conference, linked with ancestral know-how are organized. Great programs for every tastes!