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Village historique de Val-Jalbert

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En famille

En famille


Travel back through time to an authentic single-industry village with some forty charming original buildings. The spirit of this enigmatic site, where time has stood since 1927, will capture your heart. The convent-school, general store, post office, abandonned houses and pulp mill all hold secrets wich are revealved by a host of picturesque characters.

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Museum experiences

  • Enjoy memorable moments  in this impressive and fascinating open-air museum.
  • Feel the history with Shared memories : Val-Jalbert in story. Portraits come alive and share memories, anecdotes, messages and testimonies of former Val-Jalbert residents.
  • An immersive experience tells 110 years of story in 25 minutes! The factory and its workers, along with the entire village relive in a grandiose and spectacular show in the old mill.