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Légaré Mill and exhibition halls of the Maison de la culture et du patrimoine

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En famille

En famille


Faithful to tradition, Légaré Mill has been a fixture in the village of Saint­Eustache for centuries. In operation since 1762, the authentic mill grinds flour using only the power of water and continues to run today to the delight of visitors. Throughout the year, the miller produces wheat and buckwheat flour on site using time-honoured methods.

The Cultural centre is housed in the Globensky Manor, a Québec heritage gem located a stone's throw from the Légaré Mill. The exhibitions here relate the story of, among other things, the 1837 rebellion that took place in Saint-Eustache and which pitted the Patriotes, led by Jean-Olivier Chénier, against General Colborne's British troops.

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